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Creole Dance

The most popular Black Creole dance is Zydeco. It is the dance developed right along with Zydeco music. Actually, Zydeco is not just a type of music & dance, but it is an Event. "I'm going to the zydeco" is the common phrase uttered in the homes & communities of the Black Creoles, and now all over the world. Of course, there's always been the Waltz. Another dance that is done to a slower tempo is Swing-out. Zydeco could be considered the opposite of swing. Where swing dance in general, has a horizontal, or up or lifting feeling, zydeco has the opposite, or downward feeling. Since the music can often seem entrancing, mesmerizing, and sometimes, yes, repetitious, the dance emphasizes the feel of the beat & rhythm. Fancy steps & patterns are secondary to the basic feel & rhythm of the music. Swing-out is done to a much slower tempo.